marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku



dennis h dutton    marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku       june 8-11 1999

money talks

the face changed on the 20-dollar bill not its nature
too much to chisel reagan's puss on rushmore
homeless vet a shopping cart but no money for food
in the trash for plastic cards crook or rebel
civil war more about money than freedom for slaves
'cash crop' where does it grow by the way

timmm-berrrrr the redwood off to nature-inspired japan
no bonsai money tree to slake a yen for yen
ball player pockets his balls eye on their market value
whoever dies with the most toys wins what
capitalist communists or vice versa or just 2 vices
ben franklin 'remember that time is money'
doctor & i: . . . bottom line no it isn't yes it is no it
hmo's milking breasts that are cut off
$billions here there soon add up to saving women & children
pocahantas and her baby passed hand to hand
prostitution not the world's oldest profession malescholarshit
'though it profit the professor naught' poetry

to acquire wealth through others' work the robber baron's dream
well who can we sue 'cussing-canoeist trial' begins
frivolous lawsuits money down the drain to where the lawyers live
a fortune made on that made-up devil
'b-12' the priest calling out the numbers on bingo night
entitled to food stamps yet can't do it
i'd rather live in my crackerbox trailer than a palace
cyberspace 69% of sales 'adult' content
6 plus 9 makes 15 makes 6 the number of love not for sale
in a deep pit critics with reputations to live on
santoka hailstones in his begging bowl became a poem
gee i wish i weren't rich and famous

no tax form since '83 no bomb bought no poor helped no road paved
this welfare-to-work road rocky rutted
so much dirt on my mind forgotten where i hid the mattress money
my place not even a couch to mine for silver
one bum to another what lives some of us won't trade for nothin
the coin of this realm call and response

18d) thomas kyd. 'the spanish tragedy' 19d) j. p. morgan  20m) cnn 6/10/99
27d) numerology

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