marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain     dennis dutton

one-line linked haiku     may 9-16 1999

leap and link

link and leap not unlike all of nature including ourselves
a glass half-empty half-full shatters
another tragedy again i ask for separation of god and tv
will the last one to leave turn out the lights
a few miles away a big tva pond i suppose it's still there
creekside sunbathing on the rock a rattlesnake

summer night stars moon and a glow-in-the-dark pluto platter

underwear the color of damp earth i ran my fingers thru
on a bright spring morning the joy of washing clothes in the tub
bird seed out of reach the mouse now rummages the shag
from the dark of the doghouse door the sound of teeth on bone
place your bet date of the next crackdown in china
will it ever be torn down the great wall between our hearts
whatever the original the translations: my land you die
lying in the road an old-growth pine cut down in the night
no martha stewart a tangled garden i weave
haiku poets from one to the other hand-me-down clothes
life's too short to count

out of gas just as i get home heavy rain groceries a little boy
chapter 11 in her hazel eyes some hope
can't even afford those glitzy 'cheap imports' go figure
six billion to kill serbs what for the n. e. a.
art project hang all the rapists/molesters by how they're hung
theatre game assigned to the woman i love
rerun of '4 weddings and a funeral' while i win at solitaire
elizabeth married not to a man but england
intermingled with jacks & poison ivy the search for may apple
i'd have bitten no matter what the cost
when called the birds come for seeds no cooking no washing up
dorito corn chips just one to prove i can

calligrapher the will to be free in her hand and in mine

post-election the fake wrestler admits his past
the purity of the boxing ring before the bell is rung
ecstasy of defeat when human animals lose to owls
'who' always this question in the night and then the sound of wings
oh what little ears you big mama frog no bull you

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