marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

'hardly anything'


marlene mountain    dennis h dutton

one-line linked haiku   july 9-11 1999

a hyphen

painted sign a hyphen between sno cone
on white paper her white lie
imprint after the quickly-removed bra
the dog's cold nose touching mine
i'm out of focus a 50s brownie snapshot
stereoscope one lens missing

on the glass of water beads of water
at a loss sloth's rainforest
bear snuffle outside the tube tent
the salt won't shake the heat
her house of cards after the quake
a pop as the bulb's turned on
his bright ideas usually dim to her
another soc sec letter unopened
how much is the interest on nothing
on an empty stomach kid food
a new chili stain on my new t-shirt
a message too subtle to get

one of those unreadable 'ku meetings
i coo u coo we all coo for hi-coo
what's the deal soccer even women's
my head in the net of the stars
torn out of our tree the black sheep
news of a breast in antarctica
tonight as short as i want it to last
links left and right left to write
rain over the medium-size fan on low
in the lawn-sprinkler a rainbow
i miss it spring dirt under my nails
corn tassels how soft they are

will i ever again share my pillow
open spirit a pared-down poet
peeling onions she cries over nothing
'i want to be left alone' meant
a wind the candle sputters goes out
waves above the blacktop


24d) supply drop for scientist with lump in her breast
34m) greta garbo


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