marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton      marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku   july 6-9 1999

the heat

only big slow rain drops oh the heat
left-overs and garden onions
that bug on the lettuce is bugging me
what have i become an enigma
how sad another mad poet put on prozac
a foreign art a misguided definition

'a heaven for' to distract us from nature
in eternity a grain of sand
under yet grounded we dead-or-alive unwanteds
that bum below the bridge ikkyu
rumor of storms rumor of thunder just rumors
her pissed-off poems pissed on
wisdom of a passionate buddhist after hours
caution minimalists at work
elaborate farces the grail on pbs
only solos in my shower
heart tattoo on the hardened killer's kill
love endures all things . . . and more

the frog belly-up in the pond needs cpr
sleepy eyes and tomorrow's mist
home to new potatoes and the old bed
i ramble on where i am
prepared to cover her ears open her mouth
when mud-slinging was 'cide-free mud
sirach 17:1 even god has feet of clay
an after-thought the males
her afterglow only from the cigarette
web search not ready for myself
'5 quacks 7 quacks 5 quacks' donald duck
my little chickadee-dees respond

predicted rain here & now of someone else
'humpty-dumpty lawsuit filed'
none can claim king of our rolling hills
queen sacrifice only two pawns left
more heat those city slickers all het up
mm all's well that fends well dd


10d) 17th-century zen master  17m) 1993 film 'a perfect world'
30m) after w c fields & mae west

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