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one-line linked haiku   january 12-february 7 2000

the harold connection

'The custom of using kigo has hardened into an almost inviolable rule . . . the use of ki
is probably at the base of a charge that has been advanced that haiku are more concerned
with nature than with human affairs. Such a statement is ridiculous. Haiku are more
concerned with human emotions than with human acts, and natural phenomena
are used to reflect human emotions, but that is all.'

'Haiku may be of many kinds, grave or gay, deep or shallow, religious, satirical, sad,
humorous, or charming; but all haiku worthy of the name are records of high
moments--higher, at least, than the surrounding plain.'
Harold G. Henderson,

one-line linked haiku  january 12-february 7 2000


the long night a tiny cell turns cancerous in her breast
still in the grave the heaven-bound wishmaker
the stars' lightstreams acupressure needles for a sick earth
'tennessee trash messing up the highways . . .'
'the wanderer has no fixed abode the road is his home'
cross-legged a thin young man listens to poems

'when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's' an ad
what waxes wanes but rebirth is uncertain
confederate flag high above 'your heritage is my slavery'
over the shades of grey between us a shroud
well before the blankets of snow a friend lost to depression
terminal cancer but even so a get-well card

4m) psa song 5d) i ching, hex .
56, wilhelm/baynes trans 7m) 'pizza hut' vision

one-line linked haiku   january 13-28 2000


ratty nature clothes hung around the wood stove the cold
pastel the patches of a hand-me-down quilt
after the promise of what's now the promise of spring
midwinter here but still a hummingbird
alone in slow motion crystals form on a mud puddle
'just singin' ... and dancin' ... in the rain'

the old man urged on by grandkids demonstrates the time-step
those owls i've tended she says by the pond i'm one
after light rain the gleam of sunshine on a tree full of oranges
back from the land with no haiku to show for it
first day of spring lovers skip stones across the millpond
over the non-mood a cloudy day

one-line linked haiku  january 12-29 2000


learning words forgetting their magic children at school
seeds in his young mind before the gardener's gone
bulldozer more than the roots of the last grove torn up
huge glacier chunks crash into the sea of life
10,000 things rise and fall in the blink of an eyelash
impeachment for lying by god about blow jobs

are you better off now than you were as a hominid
so much in the soft eyes of the old zoo chimp
thirteen billion dollars for 'star wars' not the movie
engraved on all our money 'in god we trust'
conspiracy theories and theories of conspiracy theories
down the toilet out of sight out of mind

3d) last commercial orange grove in orange county, calif., knocked down
for houses in jan. 2000

one-line linked haiku   january 13-29


a real meal dishes finally washed a cat on the window sill
my potato soup a hit with my aged mother
of course a frog will jump into the sound of an old pond
an old cow slobbers on parched grass
golden decor of the tv network church a hint of heaven
oh the cheers when billy sunday slid into home

at the crack of the bat an ominous feeling in the stands

tedious 'the day of the jackal' snowed in
slumber party in the morning five sets of painted toes
a sportscaster's mouth dribbles hero worship
the light gone out on shore leander lost at sea
'salesgirl' bows lower to the sensei

one-line linked haiku  january 12-28 2000


to see no evil the eye on the prow of the fishing boat
as they argue over religion satisfied i have none
on TV one of the two disputed incarnations of his guru
separation of church and money then what
between heaven and earth in year 2000 an uneasy human life
back to her in paleoclay

the old yard spruce continues to heal itself with lush vulvae
the red curtains of her shrine dust-covered
maybe unknown to science hardly unknown to nature
sitting he follows his breath in and out
hands deep in earth nothing to plant nothing to gather
'all beings are sentient i vow to save them'

12d) from buddhist bodhisattva vow

one-line linked haiku   january 13-29 2000


not paid off can't afford to fix can't afford to throw away
53 undecided what to do with this lifetime
then someone says at least you've got your health
'hi how are you' but instead of 'fine'. . .
back to a native tribe eighty-four thousand 'as is' acres
my new fixer-upper needs a hole for the moon

rest-home dance the old woman decides to wear her new dentures
which republican wants to control our bodies the least
snacking on sturgeon eggs they argue against roe v. wade
mother of all storms doesn't cause wrecks cars do
buddhist bumper-sticker 'my dogma's running after my karma'
almost a painting idea and almost without words

one-line linked haiku  january 12-february 2 2000


a doe digs in snow for grass underneath my frozen self
blues mood more trees hauled down the road
no word from her in months thin the shade of the eucalyptus
monkey clones to improve the quality of humans
all pumped up he admires his oiled body in the mirror
professional testosterone aglow with deadly lies

political fawning a black puppy given to the detained child
the art-show hors d'ouerves not for the homeless
might as well rename them 'right bank' and 'golan depths'
again a child raped in the city of angels
roan mountain mobile home just that in the storm surge
off pt. mugu adrift bits of this and that

12d) alaska airlines plane crash, calif., jan. 30, 2000

one-line linked haiku  january 13-29 2000


call to a male neighbor: your big ram's at the back door
all these magazines and no constipation
the charm of haiku lies in the writing not in the reading
he counts the syllables of a wordless poem
on sale 'your personal truth verifier' computer program
looking in the mirror she reverses her decision

after his third krispy kreme glazed donut his eyes glaze over
rain to sleet to snow weatherguy's kigo: ice event
'indian summer' the lakota man's wry smile as he says it
'if it weren't for bad luck i'd have no luck at all'
also going on strike the miner's pro-solidarity canary
how we 2 misfitists ever got together

5m) 'truster' a telephone lie detector kit

one-line linked haiku  january 12-29 2000


even in cyberspace this puritan finds a hug hard to take
worn out from emotions midday nap in spite of guilt
ravens every day they wake me up then won't let me play
he brings septimbor to meet me i get to meet her
the roses are trembling as the young man nears the door
a little boy's love writing runs off the page

crazy about jeans she deflects an adolescent's need to crush
later regretting not looking down her blouse
still together after all these years salt and pepper shakers
some wheezing at the quaker meeting in flu season
in love with steve in tight shorts in love with mom orangutan
changing clothes the cross-dresser's cross-my-heart bra

11m) 'animal planet'

one-line linked haiku   january13-29 2000


'high plains drifter' is there another way to make the point
the valley spirit never dies but oh the mountain
up and down up and down a bit of level-headedness left
the loneliness of a dog named laika in space
gravity-flow water through the tap unfrozen so far so good
at the art show miniatures of great snowy peaks

the ranges whose folds i walked in fall jemez ortiz manzano
oranges of a moon in snow before the shadow
'when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are'
looked-down-on hillbillies who literally look down
high sierra summit even the echoes of my yodel are off-key
like i always say mountain wasn't worn down in a day

4d) name of dog, first astronaut

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