marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku

marlene mountain   dennis h dutton

a 2fer1 one-line linked haiku    june 24-28 1999


grim realities and such

to write of grim realities and such in spite of haikuland
one in four u.s. women raped there's more
conspiracy in that blue wall of silence a broom in a room
hall of famer's wife 'overreacts' calls 911
'until death' no d-i-v-o-r-c-e the single pope's bad dope
chimayo magical dirt and smack in equal mix

desert golf course greens flooded so the rich can play all day
chemical run-off and sewage in the sun
hispanic land-grant activists defend their right to clear-cut
wilted vegetables priced to the hilt
store-bought pineapples ignore if you can the blood in them
first the white-male god squad
bible thumpers caught with their pants down naughty-naughty
out the car window the ring goes a non-widow
mateless and dateless i turn to poetry find words for love
idealized or hated we she's in art

the pedestals of ignorance on which we dance our lives away
impaled a midwife with land hail mary
he won't let go of his sperm after the abortion she's laid low
after 900 years the end of my line
mitochondria dna our mothers once led and fed the tribes
in our veins the vast sea of the past
oceans of emissions fawned-over pleasure boats & lawn mowers
a river of cement 70 miles long
'corporapetions and big busyness' a red tapeworm runs through us
riddle name fame and number games hide it
i like fingers that moon-point more than grim hypes from haiku-types
what wonders under a stone in summer
of wetland and land-fill which will turn into the other one guess
another pasture plowed up another trailer

one species lost per day one less song heard in the woods

all along the roadside drunken cans
'weeds' beings whose names and virtues we don't care to know
'railway killer' a kid filled with abuse
the clackedy-clack of the tracks of my boyhood home now silent
bold discrimination against the old et al


6d) village in n. m. with heroin problem and church famous for soil with
healing properties  11d) sanford ballard dole was a leader of the coup that
overthrew the ruling native queen liliuokalani of hawaii in 1893

18m) so-called witch trials  24d) the san gabriel in the los angeles basin


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