marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton      marlene mountain

linked haiku    august 31-september 4 1999


the first yellow leaf

late summer the first yellow leaf falls inside my chest
what's left of last year's kindling stares back
swung just right the axe that splits the round cuts more than wood
don't know if the moon's waning i am
one ear to the ground one to the night sky spinning spinning
a thread from a sad part of my past hangs

lowell & jim mac: over their heads much of my blond-headed art
another rejection slip another origami crane
his nest has to be just right or she'll fly to other heights
this dirt parking lot no better no worse than i
for you who may go and for i who'll stay a sky almost autumn
going staying a whole life of flowers and ashes
i want to be planted here but no ground has called out to me
52 years too late i think of my umbilical cord
just a long mid-life re-evaluation too simple too complex
in the eye of the hurricane an iris opens wide
if only we could get some rain i could begin the rock soup
hummingbirds at the feeder the wind of their wings

next week a friend flies to greece a woman i love is there

time to turn on the porch light think of night
a red plum picked ripe from the tree even sweeter under the moon
as he prepares a journey his haiku longer
even this light rain will erase all trace of her footprints
for fish and for worms kitchen scraps the heat
the bone dug up once again still makes the tail wag
letter in my lap a lonely once-met david
before i leave if she would only give me one pink rose
long time since i've asked when will you be here
with each wave the sound of rocks knocking against each other
even in this drought a pond of many degrees

a white-tail bounds into the brush headless sunflowers and me
common bindweed and a haiku to put it in i'm rich
bird or insect its cry strains my eyes through the window
the old ram's gonad sac swings gently as he grazes
how much longer inside themselves red green grey brown lichens
before it fades the double rainbow 'look! look!

11m) after buson



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