marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku
august-september 2001



dennis h dutton     marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku    august 25-september 1 2001

the dorothy connection

'raw nervz haiku' a journal edited by dorothy howard


it's fat and slow but watch out mr dog the porcupine
one crow's laid out the morning rules for us all
still angry she brushes her hair fast and goes to bed silent
ad aimed at old people's money crawls the skin
from a rich fox in the white house to poor farmers cheap advice
this is not your alaska dubya

after the gullywash a metal mattress embedded in the creek bed
glass-bottom boat the diver kills a sea urchin for us
hidden alive in a closet a little girl's body draped with her adults
at each table the sullen beggar boy's demand 'one peso'
to share i tone down creativity for the high-strung moderator
insulted she snaps open her fan turns her head

5d presidente vicente fox of mexico from the mexican 'casa blanca'
telling southern farmers to become better businessmen

one-line linked haiku  august 26-september 1 2001


told the pornographic image is sexy still i have to look away
in the danzon one passing glance is enough veracruz
half of the politician's double life titillates the ratings game
my hands her breasts the perfect match
no thin line between sex and sexism the little boys still giggle
the ridgeline down her spine stirs under my tongue

exhausted afterward we pretend to share a cigarette
' . . . from kent whose dick was so long that it bent'
lawsuit settled ken and barbie now free to make porn flicks
couched in lust & love misnamed a crime of passion
new waitress her short skirts a hit at the old men's table
imagine a threesome with brad pitt & tom cruise

2d a dance form, a fusion of european country and court dances and traditional
cuban dances; popular since the 1870s

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


fleeing before the baby's thunderous steps the family cat
the power back on the plan decreases
ocean waves none alike but all seek a shore to break upon
whites and purples lean into the touch-me-nots
it can't be seen but still it moves us a summer breeze
the day brightens one wren's song to another

a hug from the kid as he talks about some electronic game
missing an arm the hispanic g.i. joe home from war
well if she has them he's got to have a pair of round heels too
only if he likes to be on the bottom marlene see . . .
whatever their orientation the child finds a caring home
heaven and earth to stand trees need roots in both

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


midday lilies drive me into the heat of a late afternoon bed
indian girls their school selling trinkets on the plaza
to get through humidity to be unprepared for a winter's life
a homeless man but his head lice have found refuge
in a prison until forever another black child america fears
all that's left of her bone and ash in a cardboard box

christmas-time no one knows the heart of the hard-to-shop-for dad
etched in my mind the last icy-traveled road
a billboard with the faces of dead kids that bud was for you
joe camel put out to pasture without the execs
much like us spring calves also part of the nutrient cycle
all the chemicals to make it a rose

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


the children to watch grandpa's face turn red do it again
taliban females will 'saturday night specials' help
through thin walls the argument heats up and then dead silence
'judgment day' a slap in my little-girl face
in the streets of heaven are they too fighting allah yahweh
can tell by looking his peace sign a fake

to protect the purity of haiku one solution to be pissed at mine
not getting what it wants the baby cries
their examples with alice and edith america's laughing matter
chiapas more red streaks in the corn this summer
if mother nature is real if she's angry if i'm real am i angry
so useless to complain about the heat acapulco

one-line linked haiku  august 26-september 1 2001


the waterfall haiku so romantic it belongs in a tourist trap
fresh paint-job on his porsche it's keyed again
mobile home a week's work of old pines striped from the hill
a new hairstyle the same old cowlick
a sandwich of hardly anything to stay far away from town
that pothole my tax dollars not at work

outdoor cafe to make his point he points his finger at them
throws herself away with a man who trashes her
hippie putdowns as if giving peace a chance was foolish
whatta relief old helms about paddled out
let's celebrate let christ rise from that jar of piss
nothing's worked try wine into groundwater

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


thursday night quilting bee no one's ever heard a pin drop
town square the fountain makes me want to pee
if all the phones in the world ring at the same time . . .
unnoticed the cicadas suddenly quiet
day and night in a sort of cage the mind prattles on
'breaking news' even shatters the talking head

the deer and i used to so much a rusty pickup without a muffler
cheap downtown hotel room the silence wakes me up
a failure he turns to conservative talk radio an instant success
at the center of the storm the quiet
never a dull moment the master alert for 'nothing special'
gandhi after the gunshots his last word 'god'

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


balls run down and smashed by the nipple-clad venus
website a man who will cut off his feet
the first blackberries screw up our arms and mouths
'tat vam asi' you eat what you are
sharp as a tack the corporate lawyer's tactics against nature
trees stand taller than men we cut them down

white dove wind chimes the indian girl too tough to barter
brilliant move a spicebush flits to the butterfly bush
hoisted on his own petard and roasted slowly congressman condit
rephrased by the editor a novice poem accepted
all those crisp new dollar bills a flock of cranes flown south
bleeding edge grandmothers of the disappeared

1m tennis great venus williams

one-line linked haiku  august 25-september 1 2001


still cracks me up 'i shot an elephant in my pajamas'
whose was the first tail on a coin
over tea great-grandmother contemplates having her nose pierced
morning she puts on her face he takes his off
nothing on the zen man's calendar today tomorrow
just three stooges now a world of fake wrestlers

back to school no thanks i'm still unlearning as much as i can
can't make my mind up . . . or find it
so used to the heat i forget to turn on the new 10 dollar fan
very slowly sticking my finger in it
agents let the house burn the suspect dead as a doornail or flown
bayfront boulevard fire-eaters at the red lights

1d groucho marx as captain spaulding in 'animal crackers'

one-line linked haiku   august 26-september 1 2001


less and less i live with though the house full of junk
breath enough please for a few more poems
a government check from a better government thanks in advance
gravely unreflected upon 'e pluribus unum'
so much to be done don't wanna do this or that the whole day
no matter that the sun rise or fall her smile

as a high-mountain river wends its way to the lake i to her
why not a sweet art that scares shit out of us
nataraja at the dance 'just killing time' he says
fallen leaves an illness one survives a while
scattered on the backyard lawn after lunch bread crumbs
in the shade a place for raw nerves


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