marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton      marlene mountain

linked haiku june 28-july 4 1999

bright things

midday sun in a gold-foil candy wrapper lying in the dirt
bright idea nature's evolution
under moonlight in a desert dry gulch the gleam of a snail shell
reflected on the screen naked bulb
a moth is deflected by mifune's sword on the vcr
tho orange its name red-hot poker

after light rain iridescence of a feather on the pond
oil spill in the tidal wash rainbows
old-guarde: she's no longer haikuish mm: my poor 'mind' so dullish
'i take refuge in the buddha' break of dawn
a real hug from the seven-year-old and his big blue eyes
first pair of glasses at eight a new world
unable to sleep an email check in the dark two tiny green lights
in tom's cistern the first dim stars
bubbles on an old sponge in the late afternoon sun thru pines
inside the cloud flashes of light no sound
firecrackers in the distance glint of pink as the trout leaps
when she leans over briefly her nipples

the newborn baby's milky eyes stare and stare at something
mop against the house to dry mourning cloak
hospital gown a breeze blowing where there shouldn't be one
not many in the strawberry ice cream
closed refrigerator not knowing for sure if the light goes off
beneath the cancellation a piece of canada
veins in the maple leaf veins on the back of my hand
white ibuprofen tablet the heat
the ruby in the black drill sergeant's tooth as he chews me out
down the road american flag by a 'blackamoor'
at the sight of louise in her pickup my heart rolls over
agassi at wimbleton sun on his pate

'no-see-ums' on the beach at dusk coleman and cigarettes lit
lonely campfire the trees move closer
dry brush i fear most in the mountains comfort in lightning bugs
tecate peak all around us at sun-up sea fog
behind these haiku the bright purple desktop pattern has to go
time to shut down go watch the moon


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