marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain   dennis h dutton

one-line linked haiku      march 29-april 2 1999

a space called cyber

kind words come through a space called cyber my mind melts
'melissa' sweet name but she's infectious
high school crush all summer he returns with a pregnant wife
moving up night clerk at the new walmart
oscar tuxedos the italian walks on the tops of chair backs
newsreels old enough to miss that magic

i'm 52 all i have to make change with are words
wonder when all will be said and done
dinner waits an eight-ounce can of hot & spicy menudo
neighbor dogs in the yard bark and sniff for moles
frost warning apricot blossoms backlit by the moon
not done in japanese haiku but just fine with mm
feet of clay and a mind in the clouds nothing in between
law office shoes caked how to protect my land in death
rapist acquitted women's skeet shooting club established
tv show horse with a man's head or is it the reverse
bullet buttercup and trigger mounted where's ol' roy
no trail happy in their forced march madness

under rule of the father hisstory/history repeats himself
st barbara a red rose left by her ikon
ireland never had snakes attempted goddess/symbol killing
ate a rattler once tasted like rattlesnake
tired bones muscles legs broken nails rough skin ah spring
the places this body's been where it's going
old folks home nursing home rest home: retirement village
sometimes think it'd be ok debtor's prison
today another tomorrow earth raining on a blue april sky
the way the worldwide web never sleeps
'standing by live' a talking head on hold for commercials
howdy doody in the museum at night alone

'the sage has no mind of his own' says the sage
captive soldiers are they blinking a code
cyrano's white plume nobody wears one these days
baseball season spitting's back & philosophy
'when you come to a fork in the road take it' yogi berra
all day nature-crevicing i forget my life's work

9d) tripe  15d) el rito, n.m.  17d) roy rogers and dale evans museum, victorville, calif.
33d) from chapter 49, trans. gia-fu feng and jane english

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