marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


dennis h dutton    marlene mountain

linked haiku   july 13-16 1999

in all seasons

in all seasons the mountain and her many folds
valley's humidity hangs unseen
the creek still muddy from yesterday's storm
society pond a poet leaps past
a circle of oaks a conference of birds at dusk
away a day pretties still pretty

overshadowed and in the shade cucumber vine
the rattlesnake in the sack quiet
electricity & phone bills for a little life
alone at night with the mountain
spoiled now as i watch sumo wrestling with dd
winter naked under the waterfall
i shiver from images of wood piles & kindling
sweatlodge the first stone a mountain
under the hill man's link mine somehow softens
at the summit a bush of swallowtails
30 years is that dang flag still on the moon
a willow staff and i both long for home

deep in the mountain a lake the old ones say
will my son care or be like john
mountain men one after another trapped out
the only door that locks ajar
the old miner and the cabin mouse roommates
everything but a cave for the bats
suddenly in a stream of beesonetwothreestings
even in these mountains the heat
where the old dance ground was a fire lookout
the fancy: long 3rd a in appalachia
a capital A a mountain small a a hill
worn down to nothing special

not a lot of moon a non-seasonal reference
never knowing where hills begin
cezanne's mountain a deep place in my mind
the cypress grove muted by mist
unable to let go the linking mounds go on
deeper still into the green hills


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