marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


tom clausen      marlene mountain

one-line linked haiku three  april 25-26 1999

one plus one: 2     

allowed to repeat moon & flower unallowed to repeat rape & incest
the anti bias curriculum correctly only goes so far

non stop the grief shown close up anytime anyday just a click away
god-shit of course before during after under over around through

not to hear the national anthem/the constitution 'cause i think
all hunky-dory at our meeting but then its back to work

older and oblivious to everything passing by in the strong spring sun
home alone my hair like a movie witch but full of nature dirt

in the littlest pond a snapping turtle hopefully a female-snapper
above the urinal an offer to suck cocks 'his name'

long wait alone in the parking lot dog in the next car looks me over
years of intimidation and sorrow yet decreasing habitat of birds


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