marlene mountain
one-line linked haiku


marlene mountain    tom clausen

one-line linked haiku one     november 21-december 31 1998


a no-no beginning

a no-no beginning autumn winter spring summer in the same haiku
his windowless room where he does all his writing
she's accused of 'intentionally acquiring and misusing semen'
more whitewash the tribal land claim thrown out
grateful shop owner: a rush for guns this time of the year
after taking the deer his fatal heart attack

no witnesses or survivors to validate the filed report
'word' spell-check gingrich=jingoism popeye=pope
he is back home on the range in 'south park' stinking it up
aids-injector bad dead-beat dad jail & death too good
fighting to stay here to avoid female genital mutilation at home
'what the world needs' less is more erects
our fathers fathers fathers fathers forefathers too many
heavy frost in hampton heavy anger in the hearings
moonlit beach covered with sea turtles laying their eggs
creative energy squashed by an editor's definition
pigeon droppings streaked straight from the bottom of each hole
a no-no middle hope republicans on a stroll beneath

environmentally-correct nature with no need to imitate art etc
at the age where 'mad magazine’reveals the uncool in cool
latest ape-man find yet god's courthouse 10 commands heat up
in disarray the families affairs are laid bare
first snow nothing justifies that i wasn't allowed to think
more haiku that were not haiku after all
deep ruts of a backhoe paired yet again repair and disrepair
badly beat again she listens to his in-depth apology
on another channel for bigger bucks humiliation on a cold night
not believing anything yet enduring the fiery sermon
apparent they can't 'chew bubblegum & dance at the same time'
bike ride with the children then faster alone

mood cycles moon cycles how far out only to feel let down inside
limbs into kindling slowly things i used to do no more
behind closed doors where no one can see the rhythm of routines
the week that was odera's span beyond the womb
'should i enter the viaducts of your dreams' another astral bridge'
yes yes to a never-ending stretch of freed-up


3m) excuse for not paying child support  21m) washington county tennessee 
29m) rep bill mccollum of judiciary committee  34m) octuplet 
35c) van morrison 'astral weeks'


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