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[w/hal roth]

one-line linked haiku number one    july 1982-february 1983

talking haiku

beware of women's issues

beware of women's issues they lack humor he says humorlessly
lunar eclipse the false names you have been called astarte
employment office anybody wanting a feminist billboard painter
we used the girls until they died
i've not ruled out women came with her third wine
mary beth says your 5000 years are up
this fall not remembering the day he left
in boots ditch-digging and of her flowers
female has no etymological connection with male at all
over kids' screams we should write a book about ex wives of phds
don't see how you know what you know way in the mountains & not a dyke
qadishtu holy women translated by men temple prostitutes
innin inanna nana nut anat anahita istar isis au set ishara asherah
we who made it perfumed she writes in big print and called gash
she admitted just beginning to understand what bra-burning was all about
d.a.: hell the kid asked for rape asked him for a beer
he is the Absolute--she is the Other
her song power to the witch and to the woman in me

Frogpond 6:3 1983
(accompanying notes/quotes not published-to be added)

one-line linked haiku number two    april 1983-september 1984

destitute since

destitute since not offering incense to the queen of heaven
the right hand's name is fuzzy the left hand wuzzy
thought blood would never come passion or self-destructiveness
screwing in the great goddess art gallery
without a melody the blues pass through
leaves turning i remain holed up
even fewer dreams now
stone sober into my forty-fourth year
over and over knowing i don't fit in
could kick myself all those treading water days and nights
one last lie on the unemployment form one last check
will i ever know why that dawn i busted my paint brushes
first iris tips for a while at odds with nothing
slowly skin folds and folds again another wait
newsstand how have men screwed up my world today
my son the age sons get killed
in the dark loving two bodies
women and minorities

1m) jeremiah 44:15-19

Frogpond 8:3 1985

one-line linked haiku number three   october 1984-february 1986

double links

from the first ship

fucked over from the first ship arawaks and other mother earth
savage i am to be called (1/64th creek) not to forget whore bitch dizzy

freedom for the poles intones the pope no freedom for the women
never fantasize yet fantasize safe uncomplicated reliable way to love

5 hundred million starving fashionable scarf and barf parties
the new year begins downing medicines that do nothing but cost

2.5 billion of $8 billion yearly is 'kiddie' porn
why i want to know have there been no great men

haiku everywhere wordless nothing special oneness
before my eyes a japanese poet hits his wife

nuclear submarines are not female
if women wanted war we'd have invented it

darkness since god said let there be light
haunted by a world i don't like

a prayer then onward to destroy everything

Mirrors 1:3 1988

intent: the first of each double link about the world, the second link about
oneself in the world;
i liken this to playing the twelve-string
guitar--not the 'stringless lute'

one-line linked haiku four    june 5 1998-march 10 2000

a foot taller

my run-down life with no waterfall yet a foot taller than issa's
her only distinguishing remark his distinguishing marks
a spade a spade i change the religious name of the wildflower
no eggs in my basket evening cool
school's out school's out teachers let the shooters out
4-minute speech parsed by unforgiving christians etc
'umbrella group' no longer means a group of umbrellas
back home no purse no glasses just ideas giggling to subvert
unable to plan for the future anymore than the past
old tiresome inadequate & incorrect definition for my keen moment
mail carrier the only one around here who pushes the envelope
i learn more than i want to know from a sex-toy catalog for guys
local news 'police turn to religion to crack some tough cases'
in another move toward freedom i take up the time of friends
rocks and dirt rearranged today's accomplishment just to get up
a world full of troubles a turn inward toward mine
of all the worse really big deals in an oval office past
unable to do anything in the house i die for nature

1) after issa: two-foot waterfall it too makes music and is cool
28) henry david thoreau

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